Alma Travel Yoga Mats are Back in Stock

Dear Soulful Yogis,

The wait is over! ✨ Our beloved Alma Travel Yoga Mats are ready to accompany you on your mindful journey🧘‍♀️✈️

We want to thank you for your patience and offer a special discount, which we haven't done since our Kickstarter campaign.

🚀 Enjoy our Exclusive Back-to-life Offer: up to 35% OFF on everything!

The offer is valid until December 1st 

🌍 Explore the World, Embrace Your Practice 

Alma Travel Mat is more than a mat; it's your passport to wellness wherever life takes you. Compact, foldable, and designed with love, it's the perfect companion for the people who love active lifestyle and want to maintain their healthy routine on the go. 

In the relentless cadence of our modern lives, where each moment is marked by movement and demands, the pursuit of tranquility becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. Alma Travel Yoga Mats are not merely accessories but essential companions in our journey toward balance, wellness, and a mindful existence.

A Sanctuary Amidst the Chaos:

In a world pulsating with noise, Alma Travel Yoga Mats emerge as a sanctuary, providing a haven where individuals can pause, breathe, and reconnect. Amidst the chaos of our daily lives, these mats unfurl into a space where the external clamor dissipates, and the internal journey begins.

Portable Peace:

The need for mobility is an inherent aspect of contemporary living. Alma Travel Yoga Mats redefine the concept of portability. Compact, lightweight, and effortlessly foldable, these mats become a portable cocoon of peace, ensuring that serenity is never out of reach, whether you're navigating city streets or exploring the vastness of nature.

Wellness Anytime, Anywhere:

The constraints of time and space should not limit our pursuit of wellness. Alma mats empower individuals to cultivate their well-being anywhere, anytime. Unrolling or unfolding the mat becomes a canvas for mindful movement in a bustling studio, a serene beach, or a quiet corner of a bustling city. Alma mat transcend the notion of a fixed practice space, fostering an exploration of the self in diverse landscapes.

The Perfect Union of Comfort and Support:

The relationship between a yogi and their mat is intimate. Alma Travel Yoga Mats strike the perfect balance between comfort and support, acknowledging that each pose is a dance between strength and ease. As practitioners traverse the landscapes of urban jungles or mountain peaks, the mat becomes an unwavering foundation for their journey within.

Aligning Practice with Principles:

Crafted from sustainable materials, these mats reflect a commitment to eco-conscious choices, aligning the practice of yoga with the broader narrative of environmental responsibility.

Mindful Gifting to the Self:

In our fast-paced lives, self-care is often relegated to the background. Unrolling the mat is an act of self-love, a gift that each individual bestows upon themselves. It's an intentional pause in the rush of life – an oasis of self-care amid the noise.

Ready to Transform Your Journey?

Alma Travel Yoga Mats are indispensable companions in the voyage toward balance and wellness. Elevate your practice, unfold your mat, and embark on a journey where tranquility becomes an ever-present companion. 

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