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EXTRA Grip and AlmaAlign Guide

New ultimate Extra grip coverage provides a great support.

AlmaAlign System is designed to help you stay more grounded and aligned during these turbulent times

Yoga Mat which inspires you to practice every day

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Made from Eco-conscious mix of recycled plastic bottles and natural rubber

Alma Travel Yoga Mats are recyclable, free of PVC, PBA, toxic chemicals, odours, silicone, and phthalates. 

1$ per every Mat purchase goes to ocean cleanup initiatives.

Rolled or Folded - Your Choice

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We ship all over the world. Alma Travel Mats have been sent to 39 countries already!

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"I can say that this is, without a doubt, the greatest travel mat on the market. It's grippy, durable and lightweight"

David, Yoga Teacher | Canada

"It's so beautiful, it makes me so happy to practice on. Alma Travel Mat makes my lifestyle so much easier to live"

Karen, Yoga Teacher | Scotland

"It is grippy, soft and comfortable, perfect for ANY yoga practice. It folds up into a tiny size - you could even carry it in your handbag!"

Kate, Yoga Practitioner | Australia

"It’s truly portable! I love that you can actually fold it or roll it up. I’m a sweaty guy and the grip held strong through the entire class!"

Daniel, Yoga Teacher | USA
Eco-friendly Alma Travel Yoga Mats

Yoga or Fitness Everywhere

Alma Travel Mat makes  the whole experience of practicing yoga or fitness just so much easier.

Alma Travel Yoga Mat unfolds within seconds to a full size yoga mat.

Can be used on any surface - at home, in the park, on the beach, on the carpet.

To have a clean practice - use it on top of rental mats.

2-in-1 Mat & Towel

With Alma Mat you don't need a towel - no more towel bunching or moving around during your class.

The mat has good traction when dry, but becomes even more grippy, when wet. 

Yes, it's machine-washable!

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X GRIP Alma Travel Yoga Mats

CORK Travel Mats

Cork Yoga Blocks

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Alma Story - Eco Conscious Yoga brand

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We carry 2 kinds of Travel mats:

- Our signature Alma Travel Mat which is foldable and machine-washable. Comes in 3 colours
- Cork Travel mat - much lighter than all other cork mats, super easy to clean.

Both have a great grip, perfectly handle sweat and feature AlmaAlign System.

Which one is your favourite?

Travel the World with Alma Yoga Mats!

Alma Travel Mat will add more freedom to your Yoga and inspire you to practice more often!

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