Finding yoga has indeed been one of the best things in my life

Our weekly Soul Story continues.

Today we are excited to welcome Christa Smith - a yoga teacher, single mom and a lifestyle coach who helps busy people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Though her full-time profession is in television and film production, Christa always had a passion for fitness. In 2012 she received her 200-hour yoga instructor certification, and has taught traditional Vinyasa yoga, Yoga sculpt, Cycling and Barre.

Alma Story: Do you feel anyone can enjoy and gain from yoga?

Christa: Yoga is for everyone. There is always something that can be gained from a mental, physical and spiritual perspective both on and off our mats. People in the western world put a large focus on the physical asana of yoga, but the truth is that yoga begins in the meditative state. Sitting on our mats and breathing can be yoga depending on our intention. I always encourage people to let go of their preconceived notions of what yoga is and simply start the process. It may be challenging at first, but the benefits are worth the initial discomfort.

Alma Story: What advice would you give a well-practiced yogi to take their practice to the next level?

Christa: The advice I often give to seasoned yogis is to begin engaging their muscles and breath more as they move through the postures. I encourage them to not only seek the physical benefits of their practice, but also focus on the spiritual and mental benefits as well. Lastly, I would encourage them to begin or lengthen their daily meditation practice off of their mats. In order to fully benefit from the physical practice we must all learn to turn inward and become in tune with ourselves.

Alma Story: How has yoga made a difference in your life?

Christa: Prior to starting yoga, and honestly doing my teacher training, I suffered from severe depression and suicidal ideations. However, yoga has helped me learn to let go of things I can't control and find space to navigate within the chaos that sometimes surrounds me. In addition as a Christian it has also allowed me to deepen my relationship with Jesus, and learn how to not only talk to him (pray), but also listen and hear His responses (meditate). Finding yoga has indeed been one of the best things in my life and has greatly aided in my overall holistic growth. 


You can find Christa on Instagram @christajanine. Don't forget to check out her stories, where she offers killer workouts!

However, Christa doesn’t solely believe that a physical change is enough to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She encourages individuals to find their "tribe" as well. Christa achieved her best fitness results after participating in an online challenge group. Since then she's  hosted and facilitated many of her own. 

By refocusing her mindset Christa has been able to shift her life towards a more positive and uplifting state of being. Through her work as a lifestyle coach she hopes to help others do the same for others.


Alma Story’s goal is to bring back true values of yoga and do it with the help of yoga practitioners and yoga teachers around the world. We would like to remind that yoga is absolutely for everyone - every height, every weight, every shape, every religion, nationality, colour skin, etc.

We would love to connect beautiful like-minded souls, who are all into yoga or just considering to explore yoga, share their unique life stories and create a beautiful place where everyone can feel supported and inspired.

If you have a story you would like to share, please send us an email at, we would love to share it with the world. You might be an inspiration or even a life saver for someone!


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Always love to be inspired by others! So much of yoga for me is the meditation aspect too. Must be happy with your insides to shine on the outside. 🙏❤️

Sandy June 01, 2019

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