Incorporating yoga into my daily routine is one of the best things I've ever done for myself

We are very excited to continue our weekly Soul Story, where we are featuring yoga teachers and yoga practitioners around the world, who are going through some kind of transformational journey with yoga or just share what yoga means for them, how it helps to address real life.

Today we would like to welcome an eco-conscious Australian, a beginner yogi, a writer, a gardener, a peaceful activist and a compassion enthusiast Kate Newman, who was born in Melbourne, Australia. Most of her time is spent at home on her farm, watching Australian wildlife and going on wonderful adventures. 

Alma Story: What impact has yoga had on your life? Who were you before you started practicing and how have you changed, evolved and transformed?

Kate: Incorporating yoga into my daily routine is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Before I started practicing I felt a little distant; my mind was constantly racing and I was always craving more. I've been practicing consistently for a few months now and I can already feel the benefits in a way that's hard to express. 

Not only does my body feel the best it's ever felt, but most importantly, I am so much more present, aware of my surroundings, conscious of my body and empowered in who I am. I'm not experienced and I haven't been practicing for long... But it's already changed my life for the better!

Alma Story: When and how did you encounter yoga for the first time?

Kate: I first encountered yoga after stumbling across a video on YouTube about 3 years ago! I started practicing straight away in my bedroom and really fell in love. I then unfortunately experienced a nasty injury and kind of fell off the band wagon, and only started my journey again about 6 months ago. I'm now well and truly hooked!

Alma Story: Do you feel yoga is more mental or physical?

Kate: For me personally, yoga is definitely more mental. It helps me to reconnect with myself, be conscious of my breath and what's going on inside me, be content with being still, and to totally surrender. The physical benefits are just an added bonus for me!

Alma Story: What is your biggest inspiration to keep practicing?

Kate: It sounds strange, but my biggest inspiration is just myself! Knowing how amazing yoga makes me feel is all I really need to keep going.

Alma Story: What would you tell someone who has never practiced before, but is considering trying it?

Kate: Forget about flexibility... Focus on yourself and how your body feels. It can be daunting seeing so many yogi's on social media doing crazy postures and headstands, but that isn't what's most important. Even if you step on your mat for 10 minutes a day, I can guarantee you'll be reaping the benefits in no time!

You can find Kate on Instagram @travelfordifferenceblog, where she speaks out about environmental problems. Check out her latest blog post, where she talks about simple and effective ways to encourage government climate action.


Alma Story’s goal is to bring back true values of yoga and do it with the help of yoga practitioners and yoga teachers around the world. We would like to remind that yoga is absolutely for everyone - every height, every weight, every shape, every religion, nationality, colour skin, etc.

We would love to connect beautiful like-minded souls, who are all into yoga or just considering to explore yoga, share their unique life stories and create a beautiful place where everyone can feel supported and inspired.

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