What Can We Do Today and Every Day

Our hearts break.

We feel deeply sorry for inequality which still exists on every level in this world.
We truly believe that we are all different, unique and special, but we are all the same. Evils exist in every race, in every culture, in every religion, in every colour.
As a young yoga brand we always try to promote inclusivity by speaking up, reminding that yoga is for everyone - every height, every shape, every religion, nationality, colour skin.

We’re startled by the cruel madness which is still happening in our age. To be honest we are not sure how to respond to this perfectly, but we strongly believe that everyone has to speak up now. Although we don’t think it will ever be enough after all this nightmare which lasted for centuries, we cannot keep silent and need to do everything we can. It is a turning point. There’s no way back.

We have gathered the list of the ways we can help now. If you know any additional sources, please share them in the comments.

Where to donate 
Support the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, James Scurlock, Tony McDade, David McAtee, and Breonna Taylor

Community enrichment organizations

Donations will go toward arts, technical, or other programs for black and brown people

Youth-oriented community organizations
Donations will go toward funding initiatives for educating black and brown youth, such as programs for coding, activism camps, and providing books for schools

Police Reform Organizations 

Donations will go toward legislative efforts to overturn systemically racist policies at either national, state, or local levels.

Petitions to sign
What to Watch
What to Read
Questions to ask yourself?
  • What were you taught about race and culture
  • What can you do to support people of colour in your community 
  • How do you plan on helping the fight to end racial discrimination and systematic oppression?
  • How can you use anti-racist knowledge to change and progress conversations with friends, family, colleagues, and peers?
  • Can you be actively ‘anti-racist’?
Action items 
  • Educate yourself and read what it means to be anti-racist 
  • Screenshot, share and repost resources to educate those around you
  • Check in on your black friends, family, partners and colleagues
  • Stop promoting organizations that promote hate 
  • Advocate after the outrage ends 
  • Donate to fund and support initiatives if you have the means

We invite all of you find time for any of the following sources and keep educating yourself on this very important matter.

May we all be the change and don’t let this moment to be ever forgotten.


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