YOGA is so much more than creating that 'Perfect Posture'

YOGA is so much more than creating that 'Perfect Posture' 🤸‍♀️

Especially on social media, we see a lot of 'perfect', flexible yogi's contorting their very slim bodies in the most complicated postures. From crazy inversions to never-ending backbends.

Postures that require tremendous amounts of strength, balance, flexibility or years and years of training, and a specific bone structure.
Still, it's often enough to make you think to yourself: 'I can't do that'. End of story, it's enough to make you give up before ever gotten started.

But real yoga is not about being able to do the most advanced postures. It's not about being as flexible as an elastic band. Nor is it about being as balanced (physically and mentally) as a tightrope-dancing ballerina.

Yoga is all about the JOURNEY to connect with yourself, body and mind become stronger, more flexible (first of all mentally) and more balanced. And enjoying every single step of the way.
Accepting where you are right now, no matter your shape, the tone of your skin or your spiritual believes.

The goal of yoga is to create space where you were once stuck. It's to appreciate your body, and become aware of your mind and the noise it creates. Your yoga practice is a time to make peace with who you are, to love yourself unconditionally at this moment right here, right now ♥️

So the next time you step on your yoga mat, make it your goal to feel, to be kind and compassionate to yourself. Don't try to accomplish something. Don't compare yourself with others. Shift your focus and your heart will grow 🙏🏻

Is there a belief of yoga you have in your mind right now and that is stopping you from trying yoga for yourself? Or was there a belief you once had before you started your yoga journey, that you found out to be false?
Let us know in the comments!

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