How to find Work-Life-Yoga balance - Marla Meenakshi Joy

Marla Meenakshi Joy shares her yoga and meditation journey, 15 years of living in India, explains what yoga is all about, why it is so important to have a morning routine, how to start your yoga journey and how to balance your personal life, work and yoga practice.

Welcome to another episode of Soul Story with Marla Meenakshi Joy, who is a Certified Meditation and Yoga Philosophy teacher, co-Owner and director of Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto.

Marla has been teaching in teacher training programs since 1999 across Canada, the US, Europe and Asia, as both a teacher of Philosophy and Sanskrit, Chanting and Meditation, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, and Restorative Yoga. She's a practicing Shiatsu Therapist since 1993. She's completed an Advanced Pranayama training with Sri O.P. Tiwari in Pune, India. Marla also leads Kirtan (call-and-response chanting) with her band SWAHA.


[01.44] How did you start your meditation journey and why?

[03.34] Life in India

[03.58] How did you encounter Yoga for the first time?

[05.51] What is meditation for you? How do you describe it?

[08.19] What do you think of guided meditation videos?

[10.26] How many years have you been teaching yoga?

[10.41] Why did you start teaching yoga?

[11.58] How do you balance your work, personal life and your own practice?

[13.54] How often do you practice?

[14.15] How do you describe your practice?

[15.04] How much time does your morning routine take?

[16.08] What kind of message would you like to share with your students when you're teaching?

[17.57] What kind of advice would you give to people who never practiced yoga before?

[19.34] Would you recommend yoga videos?

[20.53] How Marla started her music band SWAHA

[24.07] Where can you find more information on Marla Meenakshi Joy, SWAHA

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