Yoga in socks? Wear or not to wear?

Not long time ago we have received a comment that wearing socks during yoga practice is not acceptable according to yoga philosophy.

This feedback brought some mixed feelings, since Alma Story is created from the place of inclusivity where we share everyone’s journey without putting any labels around yoga or discriminating those who used to practice in a certain way.

However we wondered what the rest of yoga community thinks about it, so we decided to post this question to one of the biggest yoga groups.

After reviewing more than 120 comments we can see that everyone is very different and has their own preference, which makes each yoga journey beautiful, unique and special.

Some people practice with socks, since they have cold feet or live in the cold climate, socks help them stay warm and better focus on their practice, others feel that socks are way too slippery and may result in injuries, no matter how good the grip is. Some feel wearing socks impairs the flow and transition and some have to wear them because of the health issues.

Some of our favourite replies:

"For me personally? - no. For others? - eyes on my own mat" - Cee

“I don’t think should or shouldn’t should really be a thing in yoga. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable and connected to your practice, that’s what you wanna do” - Daniel

"In my opinion doing “whatever is best for you” is abiding by yoga principles! We should all live by these principles!" - Karen

"I have a friend who is ant walk barefoot anymore . If she didnt weat socks, she wouldn't be able to continue her yoga practice" - Shari

"I wear them until I feel warm enough then remove them. I don’t see a problem. It’s my practice no one else’s" - Diane

"Whatever works for you, socks or not! The practice is best when the person is comfortable" - Amber

"Who really cares? Yoga is not about socks, name branded yoga clothes or anything else. Wear what’s comfortable for you and that allows you to internalize your yoga practice. No where in those 2000 year old texts do they even mention socks or clothing. In this deeply spiritual practice, it’s about using the yoga pose to go deeply into the body. All in all, just do what feels right to you" - Linda

We all practice yoga in different ways and different forms. It all comes down to creating your own special experience.

If socks empower your practice or make it more enjoyable and warm - go for it by all means, just make sure you feel safe and stable.

Have you ever tried wearing socks during your practice? Share in the comments how you feel about it.


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