Yoga is not about achieving a fancy shape in the future

"Yoga is not about achieving a fancy shape in the future
it’s really to connect deeply with ourselves"


Kirsten is one of the directors and head teachers of the Akasha Yoga Academy, which was founded in 2011. She teaches classical Hatha Yoga asana, Pranayama, Yin Yoga, Meditation, and is registered with the Yoga Alliance as Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the highest level (E-RYT-500).

Since 2008, she has been presenting drop-in asana classes, educational yoga programs, workshops, and meditation retreats, as well as 200-hours and 500-hours Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Kirsten shares her yoga journey, her experience of living in India, gives advice how to stay in present moment and how to start your yoga.

Welcome to Soul Story episode with Kirsten. We hope you enjoy it!


[01.20] What yoga means for you?
[02.06] How did you start your yoga journey?
[03.23] Why did you go to India
[04.20] Did you focus more on meditation or physical asanas in India?
[06.08] Can you describe your yoga practice?
[07.01] How many Sun Salutations do you practice?
[08.52] How do you manage to practice with new-born daughter?
[09:53] When are you planning to introduce yoga to your daughter? 
[11:11] What are the tools you use to be in the present moment?
[12:49] Do you feel yoga practice helps you to stay in the moment?
[13:43] Did yoga change your life?
[14:53] Why did you start teaching yoga?
[16:10] What do you love the most in the teaching process?
[17:18] Do you have any recommendations how to start yoga?
[18:53] Yoga is asana vs yoga is a lifestyle
[22:36] Do you still feel there're some challenges in your own practice?
[24:18] Do you maintain your yoga routine when you're traveling?
[26:07] How to maintain your yoga practice?

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'Alma' means 'Soul' in Spanish. At Alma Story we believe that everyone of use has a fragile soul inside, which we usually cover with all kinds of masks for whatever reason and Yoga helps to uncover our inner beauty.

At Alma Story we’re celebrating everyone’s uniqueness by building a community for yoga practitioners around the world from beginners to advanced of all nationalities, cultures, shapes, and sizes.

The project “Soul Story” is aimed to connect beautiful like-minded souls, who are all into yoga or just considering to explore yoga, share their unique life stories and create a beautiful place where everyone can feel supported and inspired.

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